Old School Knowledge: Self-Defense for Women

Hello, hello! Wow! What a long week!? I had to actually work this last weekend and so had absolutely zero will to write out a post earlier than this. But, thankfully, I have tomorrow off and so it’s blogging time! Today, we’ll be looking at some Self-Defense for women. Pay attention to the “women” bit. That part is important.

Why does this post specifically target women?

I wasn’t sure I should touch this topic, but I think it’s definitely important to do so now. Especially because of all the bad feminist propaganda that is being spewed these days. Take a look at this video by privileged feminist Anna Akana (the video is actually from NateTalksToYou commenting on one of her videos).

Clearly, this Anna has problems and is promoting the wrong message. She is putting all the world’s problems on men. Which is insanely stupid and doesn’t empower women in anyway whatsoever. The lesson to be taken from the above video is to not listen to modern-day, third-wave feminism (it has gotten way out of hand).

Okay, actually, the straw that broke the camel’s back comes from the new releases of feminist propaganda movies/comic books featuring powerful women. This includes Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Wonder Woman, Thor, and now Atomic Blond. To be perfectly clear. I have no problem with strong women in movies and books so long as they are not Mary Sues. Mary Sues are female characters that are stronger and better at everything in their world and have no flaws. Mary Sues have power only because everyone else has been handicapped in unbelievable ways.

Examples of movies with proper strong women include G.I. JaneAlien, Kill Bill, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Erin Brockovich, and Underworld.

Forget the feminist propaganda!

  1. SJW and modern feminists will have you believe that women are just as strong as men. This is so untrue. It is scientifically proven that on average men are 48% stronger than women in their upper bodies and 34% stronger in their lower bodies. (“Gender difference in strength and muscle fiber characteristics”. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8477683). Obviously, generally speaking, I’m sure Serena Williams, and ladies that have actually passed unmodified firefighter exams, would crush a fair amount of guys out there.
  2. They pick and choose their privileges. Women and children first off sinking ships. But they want equal rights. Don’t open doors for them. Open doors for them. Don’t manspread, but women can put purses on available seats. The list goes on and on because it is otherwise known as double standards.
  3. Their messages ultimately take power away from women and blame everything on others. They blame men and society for the now debunked wage gap myth. All their personal bad decisions get pushed onto everyone else and they refuse to take any self-responsibility. They fail to understand that the real world has bad people in it that come in all shapes and sizes and no amount of preventative actions will fix this.

Biology is not something that is easily overcome.

In The Force Awakens, we watched Rey (the main character) kicking butt and taking names. For no reason, she’s able to defend herself against countless bad guys and Stormtroopers. She’s able to fire a gun without practice. Fly (and fix) the Millenium Falcon with no piloting experience. And wield a lightsaber right off the bat from the get-go. Sure. She’s Force sensitive but come on! That’s not how the Force works, and how are sane people actually suppose to believe what we’re seeing?

This is how bad it’s gotten. I once played football with my friends and one person, who sort of had an inflated ego, literally thought she was stronger than I was because we happened to be about the same height. At the time I could bench press 3 times her weight, bicep curl close to half her weight and quite literally was twice as bulky. She intentionally hit me nearly as hard as she could (this was two-hand-touch, by-the-way) in the neck and upper shoulder then had the nerve to get upset when I said I wasn’t phased at all -which, I wasn’t, in the slightest.

And there lies the problem! Despite what Atomic Blond will have you believe. Women, on average, for the most part, will be incapable of inflicting any significant damage to men. Especially men of equal stature. And unfortunately for women, most of the time, men aren’t their size, they’re much larger! Heck, most guys are much larger than even I am…

Men have been fighting wars since the dawn of time while women stayed at home. Entire nations have had only men fighting for the longest time. It has only been recently in the modern era that women were allowed in the military (and most are not front line troops). There’s a reason for this. Even the Amazonian women that Wonder Woman is based on had their right breast cut off in order to shoot better with their bow and arrows. Looks like DC decided not to be historically accurate on that one.

The point is that biology dictates that when it comes to self-defense, a woman’s strength lies in her wit and her speed (ability to not get hit)! If you decide to throw your strength at a man you most likely will not win.

Thai Boxing Women


Real fighting isn’t fun and games like in the movies.

Jackie Chan said it best. Real fighting is easy. Break an arm, gouge an eye out, break a leg. The fight is over. I don’t have the exact quote as it was from an interview I watched of him a long while back.

So here is my advice to women (and men too) that need to defend themselves.

  1. Always be aware of your environment. Especially true in unknown areas. Don’t go anywhere new, or anywhere really, with an absent-minded, bubble-headed or otherwise distracted mind. Focus. Slow down and collect yourself if necessary.
  2. Carry any legal form of self-defense tool/weapon you can. Whether that is a pocket knife, pepper spray, or even a firearm is up to you. Just be prepared. Practice as often as possible with it.
  3. Your strength is your speed and nimbleness. The best thing you can do is RUN away. That is why you must be aware of the situation and your environment so that you can escape if necessary.
  4. If you must fight then you have to understand that you must go for the attacker’s vulnerable spots. This includes their neck, eyes, and private areas. Any other place won’t work unless you have trained to throw hard enough punches and kicks, which won’t be likely if you don’t have actual experience.
  5. Slow down and think! In a fast fist fight, one or two punches to your face are all that is needed to incapacitate you. Slow down and observe the situation. You must control the pace of the fight. This will give you the time you need to choose when to strike and where to strike.
  6. If the attacker comes out at you quickly, then don’t be afraid to back up. Again. This is a way to control the pace of the fight. Throw whatever you have at the attacker, and back up until you gain your composure.

But what about actually hitting people!?

  1. When striking your opponent, look for opportunities to hit them multiple times. Don’t just flail around but really target an eye and go for it, bite an ear lobe and pull, and constantly knee the groin. Fight as dirty as possible. This is your life.
  2. Don’t get brainwashed by movie heroes. Ladies, do not use your fists and feet to hit people. There’s just not enough power behind your swings and normal kicks. Use your knees, your elbows, and the palm of your hands.
  3. The only kick you should be using is the push kick. The push kick is a great kick to use against people. I included a YouTube video to FightTIPS: How to Muay Thai – Teep below. Check out their videos. It, like the palm strike, is a straight line point a-to-b strike that doesn’t open you up for a counter-attack. It is designed to push opponents away and is intentionally low so you don’t have to worry about falling down (and bonus, you can aim for the groin).

  1. Most of the stuff I’ve said so far sounds a lot like Thai Boxing actually. But, I highly recommend Jujitsu and Judo as well. They teach you to observe opportunities to utilize your opponents momentum and mistakes and turn them into your advantage. Observing when it is most effective to attempt to lock and/or break limbs if necessary.
  2. Breaking limbs is gross for sure and are advanced techniques. So I’ll leave those details to your hopefully currently certified martial arts instructors.
  3. One thing I will grant to The Force Awakens is Rey’s ability to use a bo (a long typically wooden staff). The bo staff is a very formidable weapon and if you’re trained in it, you could potentially defend yourself against a good number of attackers. Definitely, learn to use one of these things as poles and sticks might be available for use off the ground. Look for rakes, shovels, metal rods, brooms, and mops.

Super hero woman


The main take away!

Please please please understand that you’re not as physically strong as men. Do not fight them as other men would. You’ll get annihilated and I don’t want to see that happen. Maximize your chance of walking away by being prepared and being willing to go to the extremes if necessary. It’s not a fun topic to talk about, but it’s important.

I’ve had it up to my ears with virtue signaling SJW feminists that honestly could care less what happens to other women. If you want true power, you have to work for it. The power is in YOUR hands. Not your attacker, not society, not some blue-haired idiot girl that doesn’t care about you. It is you and only you who has the power. You can make yourself stronger, but the only way to do that is to take full responsibility for your actions and to practice until you literally fall over from exhaustion. Watch YouTube videos. Take lessons. Be ready to fight.

That is how heroes are made.They’re not magically created in the world because Paul Sieg and JJ Abrams push their false-narrative trash or because the vocal minority happens to have no brain between their ears and a big mouth. They’re molded from knowledge, wisdom, a strength of conviction, and the willingness to persevere through the harshness of truth to live as free people!