Blogging Takes Commitment!

The house is still nowhere near ready for our scheduled housewarming and I’m actually just taking a coffee break from work, but I decided to pop on here and provide an update. Yep. I haven’t been blogging for months.

So. If. You. Want. To. Take. Up. Blogging. Be warned… it’s very addictive and it’s very time-consuming.

Life doesn’t wait for you and you have to be sure you have enough time to commit to it! I love spending time with my lady, playing video games, and just relaxing, but after purchasing a new house (especially the part after buying the house) the energy level has been severely hampered.

Anyway, I have to get back to work. So my advice to you if you want to be successful with blogging (and actually make money from it)… quit your 9-5. Seriously, there’s just too much jam-packed into life and different things pop up constantly that if you’re not willing to free up 8 hours of your day and dedicate it to blogging you’re probably not going to “hit it big”.

Sorry all, still waiting for some free time to get back into it! 🙂